U R SOLUTIONS has designed and developed its course content for training programs and has adhered to the LIFE SKILLS dissemination guidelines as laid down by UNICEF.

At U R SOLUTIONS the learning difference is felt in the synergy that occurs when our comprehensive learning services are combined with our foundational product offerings.

Our cadre of world-class consultants, experienced facilitators, life coaches and industry experts provide learning services with a passion and a holistic approach to enhance core performance.


The Soft Skills Program conducted by “U R SOLUTIONS”  in  “Viswajyothi College of Engineering and Technology” helped me and my friends alot in setting up our career. Through this training I learned how to present myself in front of an interview board and also get enriched with confidence to face public and deliver a public speech. So I thank Joel sir and his entire team for helping me and my friends in building up our career and wishing “U R SOLUTIONS” all the very best in its new ventures.

Thank u so much for the training u and ur team gave us❤

I will be joining Infosys on November 18th, 2019.

Arun Raju

You have discovered the marvel in us. Believe me, we emanate qualities now. A training session like this was an unprecedented act in our college. Deadpan! Be it interacting skills, the vocabulary skills, personality development or the GD or PI. Though we had been through all this before we never had an amazing experience before. Looking forward for more, if that is ever possible! Terrific!


The three day workshop we attended was fun filled & educative. Initially we were unaware of the activities in the training as this was first such we got to attend. We worked as a team in the activity given to us & got to know the roles played by individuals and the challenges faced. Time management & competition was a greater challenge to acquire the peak.


The great German philosopher Novalis once said, “Learning is pleasurable but doing is the height of enjoyment”. But what he failed to mention was that ‘Learning through doing is the epitome of enjoyment’.

And that is exactly what this training program has given me, an elated sense of enjoyment and accomplishment.

I never had imagined that a simple act of introduction has so many facets to it, each trivial on its own but portrays a whole different person when put together. Another thing, equally amazing, was the power of team work and how proper utilization of the competencies of each individual can create a team which is more powerful than what a single individual can ever be. As they say “Individually we are just drops, but together, we are an ocean”. Group discussion, I can say was the one activity pushed my mind to explore new horizons. The dynamics of the “for & against views”, the quick and instantaneous brainstorms to come up with a counter intuitive response made me feel like I had to reach into the far reaches of my brain. The personal interview session cleared up many of my misconceptions I previously had regarding it. I picked up a lot of small, intricate and yet astonishingly effective techniques that could sway the interviewer’s sail towards my direction. Lastly, I learnt the paramount significance of having a great vocabulary. Not only does it make our language rich and unique, but it also gives us a mountain size of confidence and makes us stand out bright among the competition.

Disha Suresh

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